About me

I am a Ph.D. student at UT Austin, advised by Prof. Kristen Grauman and also work with Prof. Yuke Zhu. I received a M.S. in CS from UCSD, advised by Prof. Xiaolong Wang.

My research interest is building embodied systems that can learn from limited supervision, and can actively interact with the physical environment, with the ability of perception, reasoning and generalization. I am currently working on 3D vision and interactions, including topics on affordance reasoning, pose estimation and imitation learning.

Recent News

  • [Jul, 2021] One paper accpected at ICCV 2021 as oral!
  • [Feb, 2021] One paper accpected at CVPR 2021.


University of Texas, Austin
Aug. 2021 -
Ph.D. in Computer Science.
Advisor: Prof. Kristen Grauman
University of California, San Diego
Sep. 2019 - Mar. 2021
M.S. in Computer Science and Engineering. GPA: 3.94/4.0.
Advisor: Prof. Xiaolong Wang
University of California, Los Angeles
Jul. 2018 - Sep. 2018
Computer Science, CSST Program. GPA: 4.0/4.0.
Advisor: Prof. Kai-Wei Chang
Wuhan University
Sep. 2015 - Jun. 2019
B.E. in Measure & Control Technology. GPA: 3.81 /4.0, rank: 1st/ 46.
Advisor: Prof. Qin Zou

Intern Experience

Wormpex AI Research
May. 2021--Aug. 2021
Research Intern: Multiview human pose estimation
Mentors: Dr. Zhou Ren, Dr. Haoxiang Li, Dr. Gang Hua
Detection Group, MEGVII Face++
Jan. 2019--May. 2019
Research Intern: Lane and road segmentation algorithms
Group Lead: Dr. Gang Yu


I love cats, I have two lovely cats Luca and Soda, see them on Instagram. I am also an amateur Chinese Calligrapher, my previous undergrad graduation exhibition (2015, in Chinese) is here.